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HABOUR PARK RESIDENCES Living at the edges of the biggest central business districts which is Makati and Mandaluyong gives us the best feature today. Imagine a life where aren’t stuck at traffic, saving time to spend for your leisure or family, maximizing time to achieve your life’s goal. We are here at Harbour Park Residences to help you get that.

HARBOUR PARK RESIDENCES 19k monthly DP!! Hotel Quality and Finest Amenities Center of Every City located @ 530 Jp Rizal Brgy Vergara, Mandaluyong City. Unit is equipped with SMART HOME SYSTEM. Few units left!! Tower1 – 35units Tower2 – 26units

a Smart Home Condominium. Award winning for best Affordable condo development near Metro Manila’s Central Business District Area.

Pre-selling Condominium @ Mandaluyong city. Turnover date: Tower1-2022 Tower2-2023 WHY Preselling?? -Affordable introductory price with flexible payment terms. -High possibility of value appreciation and quick recovery of investment upon project completion. Buy now coz Waiting is the Highest interest rate!!


0932 357 4697

0932 357 4697

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