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Real Estate Acronyms commonly used in the Philippines

AP – Asking price

APT – Apartment

ARV – After Repair Value

ATS – Authority to sell

AV – Appraised Value

BLLM – Bureau of Lands Location Monument

BR – Bedroom

CAR – Certificate Authorizing Registration

CCR – Cash on Cash Return

CCT – Condominium Certificate of Title

CF – Cost Factor

CG – Car Garage

CGT – Capital Gains Tax

CLOA – Certificate of Land Ownership Award

CLOP – Contract of Lease with Option to Purchase

COMM – Commission

CONC – Concrete

COS – Certificate Of Sale

CR – Comfort Room

CRB – Certified Real estate Broker

CRESR – Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar and Review

CTC – Community Tax Certificate

CTS – Contract-To-Sell

CWT – Creditable Withholding Tax

DBO – Direct Buyers Only

DOAS – Deed Of Absolute Sale

DOM – Deed Of Mortgage

DP – Down Payment

DR – Door

DST – Documentary Stamps Tax

EOP – Exclusive Option to Purchase

FA – Floor Area

FMV – Fair Market Value

FSBO – For Sale By Owner

GF – Ground Floor

GFI – Government Financial Institution

HL – House and Lot

HOA – Home Owners Association

HVAC – Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

ISP – Indicative Selling Price

LA – Lot Area

LOG – Letter Of Guarantee

LOI – Letter Of Intent

LRA – Land Registration Authority

LTCP – Land Titling Computerization Project

LTS – License To Sell

LTV – Loan To Value

MA – Monthly Amortization

MAO – Maximum Allowable Offer

MBP – Minimum Bid Price

MBR – Masters Bed Room

MC – Manager’s Check

MLS – Multiple Listing Service

MOA – Memorandum Of Agreement

MR – Maids Room

MRI – Mortgage Redemption Insurance

MV – Market Value

NEOP – Non Exclusive Option to Purchase

NOI – Net Operating Income

NROC – Non Refundable Option Consideration

OCT – Original Certificate of Title

OP – Over Pricing, Option to Purchase

PITI – Principal Interest Taxes and Insurance

PC – Purchase Contract

PS – Parking Slot

RD – Registry of Deeds

RA – Republic Act

RE – Real Estate

REB – Real Estate Broker

REI – Real Estate Investing

REIT – Real Estate Investment Trust

REM – Real Estate Mortgage

RESA – Real Estate Service Act

REO – Real Estate Owned

RFO – Ready For Occupancy

RM – Room

ROI – Return On Investment or Return Of Investment

ROPA – Real and Other Properties Acquired

ROPOA – Real and Other Properties Owned or Acquired

RPT – Real Property Tax

RTO – Rent-To-Own

SPA – Special Power of Attorney

SQM – SQuare Meters

TRAIN – Tax Reform for Acceleration and INclusion

TB or T&B – Toilet and Bath

TCT – Transfer Certificate of Title

TH – Town House

TT – Transfer Tax

VAT – Value Added Tax

ZV – Zonal Value